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How do I send my artwork to you?

We have an in-house art department, and our staff are able to convert your supplied artwork to useable artwork – just email us what you have and we’ll do the rest.

Do you charge to prepare my artwork?

Artwork costs may be charged if artwork is requested and the order is not placed. Generally the artwork costs are included in the quoted pricing structure.

I don’t see the lanyard I want?

Lanyards are made to order and there are a huge range of possibilities using different materials and branding methods. Our friendly sales staff will be able to help you with this; please phone 01765 233 144 or email

Which is the best type of lanyard for my needs?

There is a basic guide on our website which should be able to help you, but often it depends on your artwork. Our experienced staff will be able to discuss your requirements with you and assist you in this choice.

What is the minimum order for printed lanyards?

Our minimum order is 1 piece!

Is there are charge on custom artwork?

We are pleased to offer this at no additional cost, as part of our exceptional customer care.

Can I select a specific attachment?

Our website has an extensive range of fittings from which to choose from; if there is a combination not catered for please just let us know and we’ll get you a price.

Can you print pantone colours?

Yes, we can! There is no additional charge for pantone matching on our printed lanyards.

What is a design colour or pantone reference?

This is in reference to the base colour of your lanyard, what colour would you like us to use for your lanyard. If you have a pantone reference (The Pantone Colour Matching System is largely a standardized colour reproduction system) we can use this pantone reference to get the exact colour you require. However if you don’t know the pantone reference it’s not a problem if you type in any colour such as “Red” we will be able to supply what you require.

Can you match my corporate pantone colour on my lanyard?

Yes, we can!

How do I select quantity?

On the Only Lanyards Calculator we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to adjust your requirements. With the quantity we have provided a slider so you could slide the node up and down the scale to increase or decrease the amount of lanyards you wish to order. You can adjust the amount of lanyards you want to order on the first stage of the calculator and also on the over view page just before you place your order in case you change your mind.

Why can’t I select ‘Pick up to three’ colours?

Some of the lanyards can only be printed in full colour such as Heat Transfer and Fast TrackPrinted there for we have greyed out the option that is not applicable to these lanyards.

Why can’t I select ‘number of sides’ to be printed

Some of the Lanyards can only be printed on two sides so the option for one side to be printed will be greyed out.

Why are only certain fittings available to me?

Some lanyards can only be fitted with certain fittings. Any fittings that are not applicable to the chosen lanyard will be greyed out.

How do I deselect a fitting?

You can select a fitting by clicking on the fitting image and to deselect click the image again to remove it from your order.

If I change my mind as to which lanyard, how do I choose a different one?

If you want to change your lanyard type, you can do so by clicking one of the other lanyards down the left hand side of the calculator at any point during the calculator process. If you do decide to choose another lanyard type you will lose any options you have selected as every selection is tailored to the lanyard type.

What value do I put into the printed colour fields?

You can type in any colour you wish, this can be pantone references or simply colours if you are unsure exactly what colour you want. You can even leave the field blank; if you know you want 2 colours printed on your lanyard but are unsure which colours. Once we get your order we will phone you to confirm the colours before we print anything.

How do I know what price the different options have?

When you select any option on the calculator the price at the top of the calculator (in green) and it will automatically change and account for the quantity of lanyards you have chosen. We have also provided you with a price per lanyard under the total price.

Do I have to choose a card holder?

No you don’t have to choose a card holder you can skip this step completely but clicking the skip button at the top of the page or you can click the button at the bottom to review your order.

How do I select a lanyard?

Simply click on any of the nine options on the front page. You can change lanyard type at any time during the pricing process but you will lose any information that you have input up to that point.

How do I select a size for my lanyard?

To select a lanyard size select one of the images displaying the various widths your lanyard is available in.

How do I choose printed colour options?

You can click on either of the two large buttons ‘Pick Up To Three Colours’ or ‘Choose Full Colour Print’ to select the colour options. If you choose to have up to three colours you will be taking to a new section that will allow you to type in exactly what colour you want us to print in.

How do I choose number of sides to be printed?

Click on the numbers on the image to select if you want one or two sides of your lanyard printed on.

Can I choose more than one additional fitting?

Yes you can.

What are upgrade fittings?

An upgraded fitting are superior fitting that replaces the standard fitting.

What are additional fittings and do I have to have one?

Additional fittings are extra fittings that can be added on to your lanyard so you can attach more than one item to your lanyard. But you don’t have to have one if you wish to only have one fitting.

What is the Safety Break feature?

As Health and Safety is an important part of commercial life these days, all of our custom lanyards come with a break-away safety feature as standard. This is a small clip mechanism which sits at the back of the neck that snaps open should the lanyard get caught on something whilst around the wearer’s neck.

How do I go back and edit?

After completing any stage of the lanyard calculator at the top of the page you should see that each step has been updated with a link ‘Go Back and Edit’ you can click this link to go back to any completed stage and amend your order.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes, you can order over the phone you can contact us straight away on 01765 233 144 and talk to one of our friendly staff members to place your order.

Can I change my order?

Once you have confirmed orders by email your order cannot be amended. If you have made a mistake or wish to change delivery type then you should contact us immediately at

Can I cancel my order?

Once you have approved artwork and quantities an order it cannot be cancelled. We may be able to stop postage if you contact us in time, but if payment has been made, cancelling the order may incur a fee.

What method of payment do I use?

You can pay for your order via credit card, debit card, cheque or BACS.

To pay via credit and debit card – there is an online payment facility for your convenience. If you prefer you can call us with your credit card details.

To pay via cheque or bacs – proforma invoices are available upon request, or there is the option in some cases to pay upon receipt of invoice.

Cheques should be made payable to: Unameit Ltd and sent to: U NAME IT PROMOTIONS, UNIT 20, SYCAMORE BUSINESS PARK, DISHFORTH ROAD, COPT HEWICK, RIPON, HG4 5DF.

Alternatively, funds can be transferred via BACS to the following account: Account Number:71503005 Sort Code: 55-61-37. Please ensure that you reference your order number when making the transfer.

Is there a minimum order value?

No, subject to minimum order quantity.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No – you can order just one piece. However due to the production methods employed, the rule with printed lanyards is the more you buy the cheaper they are!

Will you send me an invoice?

You will receive an invoice with your goods.

Where is the place order button?

The ‘Place Order’ button only appears once you have agreed to our Terms and Conditions.

Can I create an account?

Should you wish to place more than one order this option may be possible. Please follow instructions on our website, or email us. If you are in the public sector or education, we will open an account for you as a matter of course.

Why when I click on ‘Contact for Account’ does it open my e-mail client?

We have used the email client function to provide ease of use. Using this will import all your lanyard order details into your email client so that you don’t have to type anything out other than the additional information you want to provide us.

What will it cost to ship my items to me?

Order sent to mainland delivery address have the shipping costs in the agreed price per lanyard.

How will I get my order sent to me?

All our orders are sent out by FedEx, you will be supplied with a tracking code when the shipping is being confirmed via email. However, in some cases you may call into our offices and collect them.

How long will the delivery take?

This largely depends upon which type of lanyard you select. Branded/printed lanyards may take up to 20 working days until receipt. Emergency printed lanyards may be delivered in as little as two days, plain lanyards may be delivered next day.

Can I change the delivery type after making the order?

Up to two days before expected shipping date it is possible. In a few cases this may incur a small fee.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Yes. It is important that you discuss this at the time of requesting a quote as additional shipping costs may be incurred and will need to be passed to the client in some cases.

What if my order hasn’t arrived on the arranged date?

We will try our utmost to meet your delivery date, and we have not missed a delivery date in the past year. In the unlikely event that this happens (Icelandic volcanoes etc) we may be able to supply an alternative.

Can I change the delivery address?

If the lanyards have already been shipped to you, there will be an additional ‘rerouting charge’ incurred by our shipping agent; we do not expect that this charge will exceed £25.00.

How do I find out where my order is?

Prior to shipping: one of our friend sales personnel will be able to help you. Once shipped: you will be provided with a tracking code which you will be able to follow on the internet.

If part of the order is damaged or missing what do I do?

In the unlikely event that this should happen you will need to contact our offices within 48hrs so that we have an opportunity to rectify the error.

If I receive the wrong product what do I do?

You will need to contact our offices within 48hrs so that we have an opportunity to rectify the error.

Can an item be returned?

We do not require sample lanyards to be returned. Items can be returned and refunded minus a restocking fee, in a good condition, un-branded, un-used and un-opened. The return delivery charge will not be refunded unless the return is due to damaged goods or a mistake by ourselves. Refunds will be processed once the goods are received back by us, and until this time, they remain your property. We highly recommend using a ‘signed for’ return delivery service such as Royal Mail Recorded Delivery.

What are the delivery rates?

Delivery is included in the price to UK mainland addresses. For outside of this area there will be additional charges; please contact us for specific costs.

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