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Get to know Lanyards

Are you looking to buy event lanyards, charity lanyards or school lanyards, but are struggling to understand how to choose the right custom lanyard options for your needs? We can help!

These helpful videos will give you an overview of our popular types of lanyards, materials, fixtures and handy guides on how to order them.


popular lanyards

Explore our most popular types of printed lanyards - Flat Polyester lanyards and Full Colour lanyards. Find out why they’re so popular with our customers and the benefits that each of these types of lanyard has to offer.

Lanyard materials and widths

Struggling to understand the widths and materials of custom lanyard options? We take you through the standard widths and materials, making choosing the right ones for your lanyards orders easy.


How To Order Your Lanyards

Have you never ordered lanyards before? You can order online, by email, or call us to place your custom lanyards order. If you’re unhappy with your printed lanyards order in any aspect, we will refund you right away, or send you a replacement order with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Bespoke Hand Made Lanyards

Discover how all of our custom lanyards are made by hand to your bespoke order requirements. We can custom dye the material to any Pantone colour you need and sew on the exact fittings you require!


Lanyard Fixtures and Fittings

See what our standard trigger clip and FREE safety break fittings look like, so you can easily understand how your lanyard will look once produced. Plus, explore the array of extras we offer such as bottle openers, lipglosses, and different types of clips we can add to customise your printed lanyards.

Only Lanyards Promotions

We have over 12 years experience making printed lanyards for customers across the globe, and have a depth of knowledge, supply chain, turnaround and service guarantee that can’t be beaten!


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