No Hidden Costs: we include safety breaks, set up & free uk delivery

Heat Transfer Lanyards

  • Print to both sides included
  • Cost effective
  • Suitable for complex and photographic designs
  • Smooth finish

What Do Our Prices Include

  • Origination
  • Safety break
  • Trigger clip
  • Pantone matching
  • FREE delivery to one UK address.


Quantity10mm15mm20mm25mmFull Colour1 Side Printing2 Side Printing

More quantities and options available.

Heat transfer lanyards are preferable for customers requiring complex photographic designs on their lanyards. The smooth finish offers a clearly visible design on your lanyards, that looks professional and of a high quality.

Our lanyards are lightweight and durable for the comfort of the wearer. All of our lanyards are equipped with safety breaks to ensure that the wearer is not harmed if the lanyard becomes trapped or is pulled.

Our express shipping option is great for customers who need lanyards in a rush. Our express printing service and delivery are available on a 5 working day turnaround. There is a regular lead time of 2-3 weeks on regular orders.

Our prices include:

  • Full-colour printing to both sides
  • Safety breaks
  • Metal trigger clip
  • Delivery to one UK address

Heat transfer lanyards

Our heat transfer lanyards are perfect for customers seeking a product that can withstand a complex design or detailed photographic. These lanyards can be printed on both sides, as standard in the pricing, and are suitable for printing detailed designs, without the worry of bleeding effect and ensuring a smooth finish.

Equipped with a useful clip to affix to ID card holders, pouches or other options, these durable lanyards are cost effective for the customer seeking a quality solution for their lanyards purchase. The smooth finish on the product ensures that the print design is clear and looks professional.

Our heat transfer lanyards are available in a variety of different sizes and alternative quantities values.

Heat transfer lanyards are also available for express lanyard printing service. This service ensures that your receive your product in 5 days, for customers who have a limited amount of time. The lead time on regular orders is typically 2-3 weeks.

Further information

All of our lanyards are fitted with safety breaks, to ensure the safety and well-being of the wearer. Our heat transfer lanyards are fitted with trigger clips, which remain secure and fastened.

Our lanyard products undergo and strict manufacturing process to ensure that our customers receive a consistent and quality assured product, with every order. Our printing process ensures a flawless finish that provides a professional looking and quality product for use at your event or workplace.

These durable and lightweight lanyards provide a comfortable option for the wearer, with clear branding and imagery printed on smooth polyester using a print method that allows full-colour print over the whole of the product.

Our lanyards are positioned at the most competitive and cost effective price whilst maintaining quality, to ensure we offer an exceptional service in comparison to our competition.

All of our base prices include trigger clips, safety breaks, Pantone colour matching options and free delivery to one UK mainland address.

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Free Standard Fittings


These fittings are included in the price; please choose from either the “Dog Clip and Safety Break”, “Crocodile Clip and Safety Break” or “Trigger Clip and Safety Break”. The Safety Break is also included in the price.

Upgrade Fittings


Instead of our two standard clips you can choose to upgrade your fitting to one of these below, for a small extra charge

Additional Fittings


In addition to the fittings you have chosen above, you can choose to include these additional fittings to your lanyard.

Lanyard Card Holder

Lanyard Card Holder

Please select Card Holders or skip to the next stage (Measurements stated are the internal sizes).

Include Card Insert

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