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Flat Polyester


Our flat polyester lanyards provide a cost effective solution for a customer seeking printed lanyards that are durable and functional. We offer one-sided print as standard, including Pantone colouring matching options, where needed. This lanyard option provides a large print area that is ideal for complex logos, designs or expansive text. We aim to provide excellent value for money, with a product that cannot be rivalled by competitors offering a lower price point.

Our flat polyester lanyards are flexible and comfortable for the wearer. All of our lanyards are fitted with safety breaks to ensure the safety of the wearer, should the lanyard become trapped or tangled.

The lead time on flat polyester lanyards is 2 to 3 weeks, to ensure a flawless finished product. Our priority express service is available for flat polyester lanyards, available in 5 working days where required. Please contact us for any specialist requests and pricing.

Our prices include:

  • 1 colour print on 1 side
  • Safety break
  • Trigger Clip
  • Pantone matching
  • FREE delivery to one UK address

Heat Transfer


Heat transfer lanyards are preferable for customers requiring complex photographic designs on their lanyards. The smooth finish offers a clearly visible design on your lanyards, that looks professional and of a high quality.

Our lanyards are lightweight and durable for the comfort of the wearer. All of our lanyards are equipped with safety breaks to ensure that the wearer is not harmed if the lanyard becomes trapped or is pulled.

Our express shipping option is great for customers who need lanyards in a rush. Our express printing service and delivery are available on a 5 working day turnaround. There is a regular lead time of 2-3 weeks on regular orders.

Our prices include:

  • Full-colour printing to both sides
  • Safety breaks
  • Metal trigger clip
  • Delivery to one UK address



Our plain lanyards come in an extensive range of colours. These durable lanyards are unprinted and void of any further detailing. They come complete with a metal clip and safety break, to ensure the wearer from harm should the product become trapped or pulled. Our plain lanyards are of a high quality and are perfect for everyday use.

The lead time on our plain lanyards is 1 to 3 days, subject to stock availability. We may not have every colour in stock, so it is advisable to contact us if you have a specific colour in mind.

  • Safety breaks
  • Metal clip
  • FREE delivery to one UK address
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