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School, College and University Lanyards

Thinking about ordering some custom lanyards for your school, college or university?

Lanyards are not only a great way of identifying students and also teachers for security, they also help to create a sense of togetherness between the different classes, teams, and groups wearing them.

School Lanyards

Traditionally school lanyards were plain and used purely for ID, but as manufacturing costs have reduced, bursars and procurement managers are choosing branded custom lanyards to create a more professional look for their teams and pupils.

Your school can get creative by custom dyeing the fabric to match your insignia, and add on extras such as whistles for sports teams, teachers or security staff. School lanyards are especially useful when it comes to managing pupil discipline, and distinguishing different year groups.

College Lanyards

Custom lanyards are becoming very cost effective, particularly when purchased in bulk. College lanyards cannot only carry ID cards - enhancing security on the premises, they can also offer a great branding opportunity! Colleges are becoming much more creative, colour matching their lanyard fabrics to departments and logo’s, or printing their logos on the lanyard fabric itself.

Consider custom dyeing or printing the lanyard fabric - this can be really useful for distinguishing senior and junior students in a moment. Accessories can also easily added such as USB memory sticks, key holders, and even water bottles - enhancing student wellbeing!

Student lanyards

Run a Student Union? We know that you are always on the look-out for new innovations in the provision of school-related merchandise. We find that a student setting custom lanyards are a highly effective way to promote the University or union, at a cost effective price. They can also be sold as souvenirs and offer a potential source of revenue that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Want to understand more top uses for lanyards? Explore other effective uses for lanyards in charity, exhibition, and events, advertising, safety and staff settings.

Want to see more top uses for lanyards?

Want to understand more top uses for lanyards? Explore other effective uses for lanyards...

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