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Staff Lanyards

Do you think you need staff lanyards? Custom lanyards are extremely useful when it comes to internal security and identification.

Whether you operate a public service such as a hospital or a school or a private business, organisations using personalised lanyards that contain the name, logo and the word ‘staff’ make that person easily identifiable at all times.

Why staff lanyards are useful

In busy environments where people frequently move in and out, and people are working in large teams, identification of staff can be paramount and is very important in protecting security. Well produced personalised staff lanyards are a highly visible means of protecting security within the environment ensuring that at a glance, individuals can be quickly identified.

Using custom lanyards for security

Because they are constantly on display, if someone isn’t wearing one of their custom lanyards, they can be quickly identified and the situation dealt with. Unlike security passes that are often kept in wallets, a custom lanyard enables a security card or other means of identification to be much more effective.

Visitor lanyards

Using personalised lanyards for visitors, contractors and on-site representatives is also a professional way of representing your business to third parties. Once signed in you can issue your ID staff lanyards which helps to keep your organisation secure.

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